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17 And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

17 18 Seat Newcastle Minibus Hire

Maybe it's a friend's birthday party you want to attend, and you are looking for a 17-18 seater capacity minibus. We have it at your disposal. Call us now, and we will arrange for a time, and meeting venue for your group pick up.

You may be wondering, what's in this minibus that makes it stand out among all other capacity minibuses. The number one thing is that if your group is composed of about 17-18 individuals then you are sure none of your members will lack a seat and you will not be required to pay an extra amount for empty seats(in the case of bigger minibuses).

Another thing with this minibus that makes it a favorite of many is the comfort it has. The vehicle has the best car leather seats the vehicle industry has today. The seats are soft, have sufficient foot space and are recliners so you can sit at whatever angle you prefer.

In matters concerns entertainment the minibus is not left out still. It has a state of the art entertainment unit with modern DVD players. We have also purchased CDs from various famous singers so you can have a chance to listen to your favorite song as you enjoy your ride. With Coach Hire Newcastle you can never have less than a world class 17-18 seater minibus ride.

Probably you want to hire several of the 17-18 seater minibuses for a business travel. Do not worry thinking we only rent one to every client. We can avail as many 17-18 seater minibuses as you want. Inform us early so that we can help you in organizing your minibus rental. We do not encourage you to book online in such cases of hiring multiple minibuses as we have a team that can help you arrange the booking instead of you burdening yourself with a lot of work.

Is it a team-building event like those that incorporate modern technology your group will be traveling to? We can handle your transportation needs. Visit our website to book the 17-18 seater minibus, and you will be sure of a transportation means you can rely on.

Have you been disappointed by another transportation company and are here looking to hire a minibus that will accommodate your group of about 18 people? Coach Hire Newcastle will never disappoint you. Even when you inform us of your need for a minibus hire on short notice, we can almost always if not always offer you the service.

Our booking procedure is very easy. If you email or call, our staff will help you book. If you book through our website, you cannot spend even 5 minutes booking. We have made it that easy so that we can serve you effectively. No stress when you are working with Coach Hire Newcastle.

Have you made up your mind to hire a 17-18 seater minibus with us now? Our telephone number is active all day and a whole week for 365 days a year. One of our friendly professional staff members will talk to you in a friendly way helping you in all areas. If its question you are having they will give answers and if its clarification you want they will do it.